• Access control
  • Intrusion detection
  • CCTV 


  • Fire detection
  • Smart mustering stations
  • Environmental monitoring: wind speeds, gas detection

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Management Platform

Manage all data gathered by your installed safety & security hardware, in real-time.
Thanks to the unique cooperation between Sercotec and connecting expert Rombit, we are able to quickly integrate existing legacy databases and systems, in a way that is fully compliant with GDPR regulation.

Access Control

Electronic access control is the basis for any secure work environment. Sercotec offers an array of products, tailored to any site size or need, and fully compliant with ever changing regulations.

Worker Registration

With check-in-at-work, Sercotec offers a fully automated solution:
it involves a pre-registration functionality, a connection with site access systems, a web service for real-time communication with digital government services and databases, and a central worker management platform to monitor and configure worker attendance and project involvement.

Camera Systems

The Sercotec CCTV product range includes automated person or even unwanted activity detection cameras, as well as a camera management dashboard with enhanced playback and analysis functionalities.

Fire Detection

Sercotec has 20 years of experience in installing A-grade fire and smoke sensors that provide full and reliable coverage. The newest state-of-the-art cameras use infrared, heat detection and image analysis techniques to alert you in a timely manner of even the slightest incident.

Environmental Monitoring

Wind speed monitoring equipment and gas detection sensors trigger warnings in the smart safety & security dashboard. A very useful tool for port industry and (petro)chemical installations.


Sercotec offers unique smart mustering stations, allowing for an immediate check of evacuated personnel. The robust metal provide a real-time connection to the safety & security management platform, are easy to spot and all-weather proof.

Intrusion detection

Intruders have no chance thanks to an intricate set of software and hardware solutions, sensing presences, spotting potential burglary and danger.